There are now 9 CoBies on the Google campus in Mountain View, CA

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CoBi on Huffington Post
Video produced for Huffington Post highlights the green applications of the ConferenceBike
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CoBi in Quebec
Canadian CoBi-club member Michel is up and running in Quebec!
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Q: Do all riders have to pedal?

A: No, independent freewheels allow each of the 7 riders to pedal or not as the CoBi moves effortlessly along.

Q: Can I ride with smaller groups?

A: Yes, you could even ride the CoBi alone, but then it's less fun!

Q: It looks much does it weigh?

A: We've made a very strong bike, strong enough to safely carry 700 kilos (1500 pounds) of people; the bike weighs approximately 200 kilos (440 lb).

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: Length x Width x Height: 2,5 m x 1,8 m x 1,4m (8' x 6' x 4').

Q: How fast can it go?

A: Of course this is not a speed machine. Under normal circumstances, expect an easy 15km per hour (10 mph)

Q: Is there a minimum age to use it?

A: The driver should be an adult. For the riders it's important that they can comfortably reach the pedals while holding onto the handrail (minimum leg length of 75 cm or 29").

Q: Does is come with lights?

A: Yes, it comes with rechargeable LED head and tail lights and brake light.

Q: Can I get a different color?

A: Yes, custom colors are available.

Q: How do I buy one?

A: That's easy: use our contact form and send us your request...we will get back as soon as possible to take your order.

Q: What is the lead-time?

A: 8-12 weeks after the receipt of payment.

Q: How much are they?


  • The CoBi-7 is $12,750
  • The Quintette is $9000
  • The Lovebike is $3000

Prices exclude VAT and shipping.

Q: Are there quantity discounts and discounts to non-profit organizations?

A: Absolutely, please inquire.

Q: How can I make a living with my CoBi?

A: You might be able to make a little extra money, but you can't make a living with only 1 CoBi. We are now developing a whole methodology for CoBi rentals. Have a look at some of our CoBi-Club links to see how people are doing it.

Q: What will a CoBi do for me?

A: Quite simply, it will change your life! This will be the ultimate gift for you and your community. Share this 'smile machine' and you are going to give and get immeasurable joy.

Q: What about the Quintette?
A: The Quintette is 1.5m wide x 3m long (5' x 10') and weighs 100 kilos (220 lbs).
It has hydraulic steering and brakes. And a hard powder-coated paint finish.
Q: What about the LoveBike?
A: The LoveBike is 1.5m wide x 2m long (5' wide x 6' long) and weighs 75 kilos (160 lbs). It has joy-stick steering and hydraulic brakes, durable seats and powder-coated paint finish.