There are now 9 CoBies on the Google campus in Mountain View, CA

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CoBi on Huffington Post
Video produced for Huffington Post highlights the green applications of the ConferenceBike
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CoBi in Quebec
Canadian CoBi-club member Michel is up and running in Quebec!
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The birth of the ConferenceBike

The ConferenceBike is brought to you by the American artist ERIC STALLER. It has evolved from his artwork OCTOS, a circular bike for 8 riders, complete with futuristic black and white costumes, that STALLER built in 1991.

STALLER, who today is known as the father of the art movements LIGHT PAINTING and ART CARS, moved from his native New York to Amsterdam in 1994. The OCTOS created so much interest that Staller decided to develop it into a product.  “I could see that the OCTOS was something more powerful than art! It was something to be used and enjoyed by everyone. It was functional and there was never anything like it."

 "I then built a 2d model with 7 seats and called it the ConferenceBike. Several prototypes later I have the foolproof and built-to-last model of the ConferenceBike that it is today.” STALLER’s mission is to cover the world with his amazing invention. Every city, every village should at least have one as a tool to get people to know one another! Owners now include: Cirque du Soleil; the Google campus; The Hellen Keller National Center- deaf and blind people riding the CoBi with a sighted captain; The Earth Center - a 'green' theme park in York, England, where the bike has become a symbol for sustainable transportation; The Jerusalem Science Museum, where the CoBi illustrates mechanical principles; Alfred University, where the bike is used for student orientation, and many more...

... Read more about ERIC STALLER in his autobiographical book "OUT OF MY MIND" or check out